Office 365 ProPlus Testing, the pickle

Have you ever found yourself in the pickle that you needed to deploy Office 365 (ProPlus) to perform testing? In my line of work, it is common that I need to provide proof of updates of software being detected as needed, and just as much being deployed and updating said software.

When investigating how to download Office 365, I made use of TechNet. Trusty as always, it didn’t take me long to find this page explaining how to deploy it;

Without going into too much detail up front, you essentially have a few way of deploying the application;

  • You can deploy it by users signing into the Office 365 portal and selecting the install packages.
  • You can deploy it locally, by deploying from an on-premises location.

In both scenarios you end up with the most recent version of your preferred/picked Channel.

This is all good, if you’re and end-user and simply want to get working with the newest version of the application, but it’s pretty useless when you’re wanting to test software updates against Office 365!

This will be a sort series, not around how to patch Office 365 ProPlus, but rather a quick primer around Channels and Versions, and then how we can acquire the appriate one to perform testing with!

This series will cover both 2013 and 2016 versions of Office 365 ProPlus (Click to Run).

Stay tuned for more posts on this within the next few days.

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